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Delicate but functional, 100% original and handcrafted for connoisseurs, Haute Edit’s iconic marble
inspired ceramic collection is the perfect gift for any occasion. is a socially-conscious brand dedicated to supporting skilled artisans and women in craft, featuring socially responsible products. As a brand that epitomises ethically sourced, handcrafted artisanal rarities, the marble inspired, ceramic collection doesn’t disappoint.

The intricate patterns adorning these collectible pieces borrow heavily from the natural tapestry of veins found in top quality marble. But the inspiration powering the collection, South African tastemaker, Kumari Govender has brought something more delicate and portable to her customers by re-creating the allure in the medium of ceramic.

Each item is uniquely one-off and a worthy acquisition for those who would like to admire the work of a master ceramicist, up-close. The iconic line boasts Condiment Bowls, Mezze Bowls, Oil and Balsamic Bowls, Tapas Bowls, Dessert and Sorbet Bowls.

Start intriguing conversations with the iconic marble inspired, ceramic collection. Prices from R350 onwards.