All we see are elegant lines and a panoply of colours.

We neither look beyond the price tag nor do we think twice before swiping for the next purchase.

We want to live our life to the fullest. And women of means deserve the pampering of an overflowing closet.

But this abundance of choices, this addiction to “here one minute, gone the next” trends, this pre-occupation with the latest is also creating the fast-fashion crisis.

Landfills that are clogged.

Factories that operate in less than human conditions.

An industry that’s all about beauty and self-expression is pushing the planet and people to the brink of a future that’s anything but beautiful.

Fashion Has to be Responsible & Sustainable:

It shouldn’t demand a constant refresh to convey your style.

It shouldn’t rely on “who’s got more” to build a sense of achievement.

Fashion that does everybody a world of good is fashion that uplifts and lasts.

Haute Edit is all about slow, responsible, sustainable fashion.

Our Kumari Govender signature style range of kimonos and robes is not just stunning, they are painstakingly created by master craftsmen who are paid well for their efforts.

These are pieces that induce envy, hold their own for years to come, and go from mother to daughter as an ode to a timeless style.

Just as it should be.

Hectic mall forays or even alleged boutique hauls can’t compete.