Your personal style is not limited to your wardrobe.

It is reflected in the way you prep the canvas of your face.

It is reflected in the values you cherish.

And it is most definitely reflected in the gifts you give.

One of the fundamental languages of love, today we are going to explore 3 luxe gifting ideas for women who never settle for the second-best.

The Gift of Gifting

This one is not only uber-chic, it is also unique.

Next time your best friend’s birthday rolls around or a colleague climbs the ladder in the corporate world, consider investing in ultra-luxury gift boxes that are simply out of this world.

Monogrammed and accented in gold with dashes of seductive black, these gift box sets from Haute Edit speak volumes about your attention to detail. And extend the joy of giving to the recipients.

A home run!

Exoticness Comes Calling

See beyond Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Let your near and dear ones explore the rustic charm of quaint Madagascar totes or colorful vintage Kantha quilts.

Collectibles not by virtue of their brand but by the virtue of art forms that are fast disappearing from our society, the Haute Edit African fashion and home décor range is all about embracing heritage.

Signature Style Robes and Kimonos

Wrapped in the mystique of the East… draped in a style that celebrities covet, Haute Edit signature robes and kimonos hand vetted by Kumari Govender are prestige buys that your loved ones will adore.

Great for poolside parties or glamorous night outs, easy to accessorize, and comfortable to wear, luxe takes on new meaning with these statement pieces.