The Décor Trend That’s Here to Stay

It’s a home décor trend that’s here to stay. And here to slay. Ceramics aren’t groundbreaking. But they’ve been elevated from their humble status by proponents of décor that warms the heart. We live in a time where too many homes look the same. And too many “designer pieces” end up being factory-made. Ceramics are […]

Luxe Gifting Ideas for Stylish Women

Your personal style is not limited to your wardrobe. It is reflected in the way you prep the canvas of your face. It is reflected in the values you cherish. And it is most definitely reflected in the gifts you give. One of the fundamental languages of love, today we are going to explore 3 […]

The Perfect, Home Made Masala Chai Recipe: Sips to Heaven

Imagine a drink that invigorates you in winter sending tingles of warmth to your extremities. Now imagine that same cuppa relieving you of a mid-morning summer heat headache. Masala chai is the magic elixir that keeps India operating in the midst of chaos. And now a sip of the perfect home-made masala chai is just […]

Curated Handcrafted Collectibles

Premium Ceramics are highly sought after for their obvious one-off, handmade appeal, bringing the warmth of the kiln to your home. The focal point of my collection is the collectible ceramics by celebrated South African artisans. It is an ode to the revival of imperfect pieces that reflect your individuality. Pieces that are wildly different – some abstract, […]