Fight Club has to be one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Where are we trying to get with that?

We are trying to get to the scene when a refrigerator comes flying from the house of Edward Norton’s character and lands flaming in the middle of the street.

Even in the chaos, Edward says something along the lines of “What a shame. Only condiments. No food

That is exactly what style without soul is.

It can mimic the spice and the finesse but struggles with depth and substance.

The Global Movement of Stories & Belonging in Style:

The reign of factory-made, sharp-edged, precisely painted items has come to a screeching halt.

The mere fact that what you see in someone’s abode can very well be a part of your décor – if you have the money – has boiled beauty down to dollars and pennies.

And the true aficionados are seeking change.

Change comes in the form of the revival of uniqueness.

Change is here in the form of hand-made one-offs and collectibles that don’t boast the symmetry of perfect geometrical shapes or the proficiency of factory machines!

But which intrigue people with their aura of tradition and their tendency to elicit the response, “Wow… I haven’t seen that before!”

From items that are the last stand of long-forgotten art forms to gifts of the earth in the form of rustic and breath-taking ceramics, style is now defined by stories shared and conversations sparked.

It isn’t just about acquisition anymore. It is about appreciation and authenticity.

And Haute Edit is proud to support this movement.