Fine Dining Faux Pas that You are Committing

A well-prepared, beautifully presented meal adds to the experience of a glamorous night out. The tinkling glasses, the stimulating conversation, and the symphony of tantalizing tastes on the palate make for memorable moments. But if you aren’t careful, fine dining can end up being a sticky course to navigate (pun fully intended). Here are four […]

Curated Handcrafted Collectibles

Premium Ceramics are highly sought after for their obvious one-off, handmade appeal, bringing the warmth of the kiln to your home. The focal point of my collection is the collectible ceramics by celebrated South African artisans. It is an ode to the revival of imperfect pieces that reflect your individuality. Pieces that are wildly different – some abstract, […]

Usher in Exclusivity This Christmas

The spirit of the season is in giving. But too often we get so caught up in search of a perfect gift that this simple act can become so complicated. Haute Edit is here to uncomplicate things for you. Haute Edit boasts a unique selection of carefully curated and beautifully packaged gifts that includes premium collectible ceramics, […]