Haute Edit Pop Up & Style Soirée on Mela

Haute Edit is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because we’d rather sip our masala chai from unapologetic, collectible pottery mugs. The Haute Edit style banner flutters on the mast of exclusivity and uniqueness. And this bold blend caught the eye of Mela – South Africa’s Indian magazine show for those who boast an insatiable appetite for […]

Haute Edit Style Soirée

Some people called it glittering. The media called it a hit. The style oracles of South Africa said it was flawlessly executed. But for Haute Edit and our tribe of discerning buyers it was a statement – a unique, bold statement of edgy shopping meets decadent pampering. And all in the name of slow, sustainable […]

Pop Up Event & Style Soirée

Come step into a world where exclusivity reigns supreme and only the most discerning connoisseurs of soulful style are given admittance. This ultra-exclusive one-day-only, epicurean experience is for individuals who prescribe to the sentiment that cherished acquisitions should last a lifetime. The arbiter of all things contemporary, Kumari Govender, will unveil her latest hand-picked curated […]