Some people called it glittering.

The media called it a hit.

The style oracles of South Africa said it was flawlessly executed.

But for Haute Edit and our tribe of discerning buyers it was a statement – a unique, bold statement of edgy shopping meets decadent pampering. And all in the name of slow, sustainable fashion.

If you attended Haute Edit’s Style Soiree, these beautiful one-off custom ceramic bowls and flatware must have caught your attention. How can we mention the Style Soiree without re-visiting the bling? Style mavens from all over Cape Town congregated to appreciate Valliyan’s kitschy designs – the chunky neckpieces, statement earrings, and cocktail rings.

But giving the jewelry a run for its shine was the sleeper hit of the afternoon. Who thought cutlery could be so exquisite? Did you have your eyes on the delicate spoon sets? Don’t worry, so did a lot of shoppers. And they are in-stock right now at our store. So, go check those out.

Last but not the least, we have to talk about the robes and the kimonos. Embroidered and detailed just right each piece was a collectible embodying the vibrant spirit of Kumari’s favourite exotic destination – Rajasthan.

The Haute Edit Style Soiree is an exclusive VIP pass event meant for those who treasure beauty and style. Keep your eyes on the blog to learn more about how you can attend next season!