The Style Concierge is a coveted membership-only epicurean experience for individuals who prescribe to the sentiment that cherished acquisitions should last a lifetime.

Do not expect to join this inner circle easily; you will have to be invited.

As a patron of The Style Concierge, you will be whisked to super-secret, ultra-exclusive, invite-only, shopping soirees for the unveiling of my latest collection of Fashion and Interiors.

Each collectible piece is a labour of love, taking shape under my guidance and reverberating with the expertise of artists and artisans who produce inspirational masterpieces that support slow design.

Private – Invite Only Style Soirées

Sink into the ambiance of pure delight, and aesthetic appreciation as the champagne flows without limits and tasty morsels of hors d’oeuvres titillate your taste buds.

My Style Concierge team rises to the challenge with a host of style-related services and recommendations that are sure to delight and procurement options that include creating budget-conscious bespoke and made-to-measure which has become the most sought after.

My Exclusive Gifting service takes note of special occasions and assists clients with both local and internationally sourced gifting options for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Clients can also choose from my unique range of limited-edition fashion pieces, premium ceramics, flatware and decor products which are securely packaged in exquisite Haute Edit Gift Boxes to ensure safe transit to your door.

Style ‘on a dial’ Services

My Style Concierge service assists with all your styling needs. Everything from expert styling advice and tailored wardrobe recommendations to international personal shopping services.

If a walk down the red carpet is on the horizon, I work in close collaboration with celebrity-endorsed designers, stylists, and make-up artists to transform you into a scintillating vision that is the center of all attention.

If a client is looking for a bespoke piece of jewelry, premium ceramics, fashion, art, or decor items, I work in close collaboration with artisans to create something special and unique for my client.

The Style Concierge is the Exquisite Confluence of Convenience, Enthrallment, Slow Fashion & Matchless Quality.

Are You In?